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Island Hopping Day - 3 Islands in 1 Day

Milne Bay is home to almost 500 islands, from tiny atolls to giant volcanic islands. In this full day tour you will get a small taste of island life.

On this tour we will travel out of the Bay and stop at 3 completely distinct islands that highlight the natural beauty, colourful life and history of Milne Bay.

Our first stop will be at historic Samarai Island. It is hard to believe that this tiny little island was once the provincial headquarters for the province. Although largely destroyed at the end of WWII, the island has been rebuilt with fibro walled corrugated iron roofed buildings lining dirt roads. Today Samarai is reminiscent of a forgotten Australian country town and is unique in Papua New Guinea.

From Samarai we will hop across the China Straight to Kwato Island. This island is famous as the launching pad for the Abel missionaries, whose legacy in Milne Bay continues today with Abel descendents continuing their work today in the church, public and private sectors. The highlight of our tour to this pretty island is a visit to the hill top Kwato Church. A beautiful stone church that has existed since missionary times.

The last island we visit is idyllic Deka Deka Island. This tropical island is fringed by a beautiful white sandy beach and coral reefs. Here we will drop anchor and relax with a picnic lunch and spend some time snorkelling. Or, if the conditions are right we can head to the manta ray cleaning station at Gonobarabara instead.

In the late afternoon we will depart for Driftwood.

Tour highlights:

  • Tour of historic Samarai Island, ex-provincial headquarters
    Tour of Kwato Island and missionary church
    Picnic lunch on Deka Deka Island’s perfect white beach
    Snorkelling off Deka Deka beach or Gonobarabara

The tour is for a minimum of 2 people and includes boat transport, fuel, guides, snorkel hire, guides and picnic lunch.

East Cape Adventure Day Trip

You will discover the best of Milne Bay in our full day tour to mainland Papua New Guinea’s most easterly point, East Cape.

After a brief town orientation we set off for East Cape. Along the way you will learn about the history, culture and traditions of the Milne Bay people, gain an insight into subsistence living, the roles and mores of village people, and obtain an insight into the impact of the colonial-missionary period and WWII on the local people.

Upon arrival at the East Cape headland, you will witness the panoramic view of islands stretching out across the China Straight towards the Solomon Islands. Here we will take a tour of the small fishing village and its market.

After taking a few shots from the East Cape wharf we will take a short walk into the interior to find some hidden skull caves, remnants of an ancient burial practice. 

Our last stop is a small hidden beach with off-shore reef, where we can relax, snorkel or take a canoe and explore the beautiful Milne Bay coastline. Here we will have our picnic lunch before departing back to Driftwood.

Tour highlights:

  • Town orientation
  • Overview of colonial-missionary and WWII periods
  • Introduction to history, culture and traditions of the local people
  • Travel to mainland PNG’s most easterly point
  • Tour of East Cape fishing village
  • Explore skull caves
  • Snorkeling PNG’s famous reefs off a private beach

The tour includes transport, snorkel hire, guides, packed lunch, refreshments and access fees.

Kileton Island - Sun & Sand

Pack a hat, sunscreen and a good magazine or book and get ready for your fix of sun and sand on our trip to Kileton Island.

One of a number of tiny islands found mid way to the mouth of Milne Bay, Kileton Island provides an easy to reach island experience that can be undertaken as either a half-day or full-day trip.

With its white sandy peninsular beach jutting into perfect turquoise waters complete with coral reef, Kileton provides the perfect place to sit and relax, swim or snorkel.

Or for those with an interest in Milne Bay’s missionary past, taking a short stroll into the island’s interior reveals the remains of a stone church, drinking well and graveyard all fast being reclaimed by the jungle.

For those on the full day trip, we will interrupt your hectic schedule for a picnic lunch before getting back to some serious relaxing. In the late afternoon we will head back to Driftwood.

Trip highlights:

  • Visiting a beautiful deserted island
  • Relaxing on a perfect white sandy beach
  • Swimming in postcard perfect turquoise waters
  • Snorkeling
  • Exploring Milne Bay’s missionary history
  • Picnic lunch (full day trip only)

The trip includes boat transport, snorkel hire, and picnic lunch (full day trip only) and is for a minimum of 2 people.

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